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[[Atokos Kritsa]]
From Ceata, Atokos currently lives in Koros, and works through the guilds as a Wayfinder for the local universities. He partners with his wife, Seren.

An elf from eastern lands, Seren found herself on Ceata many years ago. There she gained an interest in discovering and preserving artifacts and memories of the past. together with Atokos, she followed the work, ending up in Koros with it’s abundance of universities.

Aalim Ismail Fareed Jakeem Aziz Bashari, Abd-al-Rahman, Abd-al-Aftab, Abd-al-Sarenrae is an ethnic Adyghe recently returned to the region. A follower of Sarenrae, he has now become an Inquisitor for the Basilaia Anata.

A Divine Guardian, appointed as a protector of Ismail’s family. She is currently “assigned” to Ismail himself.

Party Roster

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