Common Date System

For simplicity, the known world utilizes a common date system. This system is to time, as “common” is to language.

The base date refers to a catastrophe on the Western Continent. A well meaning wizard or sorcerer, in an effort to bring peace to the region, attempted to separate several warring factions. Physically.

The result was a massive fracturing of the region. The seas rushed in, mountains fell, and were raised. The destruction has become a byword for utter calamity.

The date of the calamity is year zero (0).
Dates before then are “Ante Fracture” or “A.F.”.
Dates after year zero are “Post Calamity” or “P.C.”.

For reference, the Ponderous Campaign takes place at the end of the year P.C. 534 and the beginning of pf 535. The Seven Scepters campaign takes place in year P.C. 106.
The founding of the Anatan Empire is year A.F. 1494 (Mycaean)and/or 524 A.F. (as an independent nation).

Most nations still utilize their own calendars as well, but supplement this with the common calendar. Kalifaa is one such example.

Common Date System

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