Cappason is the name of a Themay(district/province) of the Anatan Empire. It sits on a large plateau roughly in the center of the Empire.

Cappason is a rugged and beautiful land with sharp, steep hills, and long, narrow valleys. In times past, the inhabitants were organized on a tribal basis, each one controlling a network of hills and/or valleys, struggling against each other for more and better territory. Later, small kingdoms sprang up here and there, but continued to fight one another for the same traditional causes.

Now one of the chief regions of the Empire, the area is filled with Anats. However, there are still large numbers of the indigenous peoples. Two of the principle groups are; the majority Karabinds, who mostly occupied the valleys and were involved in agriculture and trade, and the minority Adyghe, a hill-people, highlanders of the region, herders and hunters for the most part. Historically the Adyghe were marginalized and persecuted (not least for the unusually large percentage of magic-users among them). Unsurprisingly, when the Empire stretched its hand towards Cappason, the Adyghe were quick to throw their lot in with the Anatans. As a result, while still a minority (population wise), Adyghe can be found holding the lions share of infuential positions. They have a firm hold on local government, in trade, much of the constabularies and in the military. They have even held the Satrapy a time or two. Tensions between the two peoples still exist, but, fortunately have, for the most part been kept in check.

One of the principle cities is Koron. It sits along the main route to Prospolis, and benefits greatly from all the caravans moving through.


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